Buffalo MicroStation SSD Portable

Buffalo has launched MicroStation SSD Portable, that offers a portable storage solution with the latest technology. Available in three capacity, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 100 GB. This Microstation used USB connection and you can hide the cable around the body of this device.

Buffalo Microstation SSD

This device have 35 MB/s connection speed using Turbo USB and have many other advantages of SSD, such as the minimum power required and have shock resistant chassis minimises the risk of damage from unintended drops or shocks.

Backup software from Memeo is included, as well as Secure Lock Ware for encrypting the drive’s contents. No pricing for the three drives has been given.

Sanwa PFS-DT800W Digital Photo Frame

Sanwa just announced their newest product, Sanwa PFS-DT800W Digital Photo Frame. It’s a photo frame with 8″ display, for now just available in Japan. This gadget can showing your favourite photos on your home wall, and can play audio and video.

Sanwa Digital Photo Frame

This photo frame have 128 MB internal memory and you can add SD / MMC or Memory Stick to increase its capacity, speaker mono, navigation button for media, and a remote control.

Other features from this device are alarm clock, slide show ability, calendar and input for headphone. The price of this awesome photo frame is around $250.

Asus G70 Gaming Laptop

Asus developed their new laptop series, it’s Asus G70 Gaming Laptop. Like its name, this laptop designed for gamers with awesome performance and technology.

Asus G70 Gaming Laptop

This Asus G70 using Windows Vista Ultimate that can use the multi ability from the graphic card that supports the DirectX 10, and architecture of Multi Dual-Engine with extreme performance for gamers need.

This notebook using CPU Intel Core™2 Duo / Extreme, multi graphic card NVIDIA 8700M GT, Duo HDD with capacity of 640GB and Double Thermal Fan. This notebook also have high definition of visual and audio ability.

So, if you’re a gamers, you would want this one. You can check the availability at your nearest computer store or you can check at online store.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Launched

Microsoft just launched their newest Visual Studio product, it’s Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 on 11 August 2008. Around 9 months since the last Visual Studio 2008 and .Net Framework 3.5.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Functionality from this Visual Studio 2008 and .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 will make possible to you to develop application with multi version target from .Net Framework. Development for ASP.NET AJAX. Integrated with Webpart, support WCF for JSON (Java Script Object Notation), and new compiler for VB dan C#.

This will become a great news for all .NET Developers. Besides development in all aspects, this new Visual Studio has significant increase in integration with SQL Server 2008 that launched after Visual Studio 2008.

Best Webhosting Reviews & Rating

Everyone who want to make a website will need a web hosting (besides a domain name). There are many web hosting providers out there, and many of them offer cheap price for their service. But you must be aware to choose what web hosting good for you. Besides the price, you must see the quality of the web hosting too. You must do a research or read some reviews about web hosting available on the internet.

Web Hosting Reviews

If you need some reviews about the best web hosting available out there, you can visit They provide many web hosting Reviews and Rating in many categories, such as Top 10 Web Hosting, Cheap Web Hosting under $10 a month, Best Windows Hosting, Best Unix Hosting, etc.

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