LG GD910 Watch Phone

In December last year, LG announced its newest technology, the first 3G Watch Phone in the world, LG GD910. With touchscreen 1.43 inch with TTS (Text To Speech), MP3-Player, etc.

This cool devices includes 3G support, HSDPA, Bluetooth, text-to-speech and speech-to-text, and finally, videoconferencing via a front-mounted camera.

LG GD910 Watch Phone

LG announced that this gadget will be sold in Europe and after that Globally around July this year, the price still not confirmed yet, so if you interested, you can buy this gadget after it’s launched.. 😀

Toyota FT-EV II – Electric Car – Zero Emissions

Toyota has issued a new concept for the car FT-EV II. Perhaps if we look at the interior, we expect to see a car that is modified by a lover of steam engines. A steering wheel is made not as usual. Without using the pedal, steering wheel controls the movement of the vehicle.

Toyota FT-EV II

But unfortunately this car is not designed for long journeys, which means that will be visible in the buildings or just large companies. Running on lithium-ion batteries, the vehicle is capable of taking passengers a distance of 90 kilometers on a single charge. Top speed is 100 km/h, which is just enough to stay in the slow lanes on the freeway.

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Waterproof TV – Pantel & Aquatic

If you are looking for a Waterproof TV, then you must take a look for Pantel PAN320 and Aquatic AQ-LCD17S-1. The AQ-LCD17S-1 is a 17-inch waterproof 16:9 LCD TV. It features single-wire 12-volt power connection and IP66 multi-environment certification.


AV inputs include AV-1 and TV-1 The system is PAL / NTSC SECAM capable and 110 240-volt switchable. It comes with 8-button remote, built-in stereo speakers and brightness of 385 cd/m2, and contrast ratio of 400:1. Ideally suited for use in the Bathroom, or outdoor patio applications. The price of this TV is around $770.

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Project Aiko

Setelah sekian lama Honda Motor Co. mengeluarkan versi robot yang simple dan ringan yang diberi nama ASIMO, robot yang dapat berjalan seperti manusia dan dapat membantu pekerjaan-pekerjaan ringan seperti pekerjaan rumah tangga, dll. Pada bulan November 2007 ini telah dikenalkan versi robot yang beberapa langkah lebih maju lagi di Ontario Science Center dan di HobbyShow International Center, yang dinamakan Project Aiko.

Project Aiko adalah Android wanita versi terbaru (Android versi pertama adalah Actroid yang dikenalkan pada tahun 2005), yang diciptakan oleh Le Trung (seorang ilmuwan dari York University), yang telah mendesain hardware dan software untuk project tersebut. Aiko diambil dari bahasa Jepang (Ai = love / cinta) dan (ko = child / anak).

Project Aiko menggunakan Bio Robot Artificial Intelligence Neural System (B.R.A.I.N.S) yang dapat menggabungkan dynamic hardware dan software untuk mengekspresikan kebiasaan manusia, seperti berbicara, mengenali suara, wajah, mengekspresikan rasa sakit, membersihkan lantai, kaca, kemampuan untuk belajar, dll. Tetapi dengan teknologi yang ada pada saat ini, masih belum memungkinkan untuk dapat membuatnya ‘menyamai’ manusia.

Walau belum bisa ‘menyamai’ manusia secara keseluruhan (terutama pada ekspresi wajah), tetapi Android ini sudah beberapa langkah untuk mendekati itu, dan terus dikembangkan… lalu, apakah di masa yang akan datang akan dapat diciptakan Android yang benar-benar menyerupai manusia (seperti di film-film 🙂 ) ? …mungkin saja…

Cyclotron – Cancer Killer Machine

Cyclotron is a Cancer Killer Machine, a progress in medical technology world, a machine that can kill the cancer, which seems to be the best cancer killer engine ever created by mankind.

Cyclotron - Cancer Killer Machine

Called Cyclotron, designed to make proton therapy, a tool ubu accelerator is a 250 mega-electron volt. Such amount of the tool, it has own building. He also designed to appropriately targeting tumor to radiation therapy.

A cyclotron is a type of particle accelerator. Cyclotrons accelerate charged particles using a high-frequency, alternating voltage (potential difference). A perpendicular magnetic field causes the particles to spiral almost in a circle so that they re-encounter the accelerating voltage many times.

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