Cyclotron is a Cancer Killer Machine, a progress in medical technology world, a machine that can kill the cancer, which seems to be the best cancer killer engine ever created by mankind.

Cyclotron - Cancer Killer Machine

Called Cyclotron, designed to make proton therapy, a tool ubu accelerator is a 250 mega-electron volt. Such amount of the tool, it has own building. He also designed to appropriately targeting tumor to radiation therapy.

A cyclotron is a type of particle accelerator. Cyclotrons accelerate charged particles using a high-frequency, alternating voltage (potential difference). A perpendicular magnetic field causes the particles to spiral almost in a circle so that they re-encounter the accelerating voltage many times.

Ernest Lawrence, of the University of California, Berkeley, is credited with the development of the cyclotron in 1929, though others had been working along similar lines at the time.

For several decades, cyclotrons were the best source of high-energy beams for nuclear physics experiments; several cyclotrons are still in use for this type of research.

Cyclotrons can be used to treat cancer. Ion beams from cyclotrons can be used, as in proton therapy, to penetrate the body and kill tumors by radiation damage, while minimizing damage to healthy tissue along their path.

Cyclotron beams can be used to bombard other atoms to produce short-lived positron-emitting isotopes suitable for PET imaging.