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Sony XDV W600 – Waterproof TV Portable

Sony already launched their innovative products, it’s Sony XDV W600 – Waterproof TV Portable. Nowadays TV portable is not a strange things, but this innovative product from Sony was created with its own uniqueness, it’s waterproof !.

Sony XDV W600 Waterproof TV

You can take this portable TV underwater, swimming, etc. This Portable TV have specification of IPX 6 and IPX 7 and can be taken underwater in 1 meter until 1 hour. With 4 inch LCD display and memory internal 2 GB, so you can record the TV programs.

This Portable TV using two power sources; Internal Battery (up to 23 hours) and AA Battery, so you can easily use it without worrying about the power.

Blackberry Bold

Blackberry Bold launched in 28 August 2008 in Ballroom Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place, by Research In Motion (RIM). RIM officially launched this newest type of Blackberry, Blackberry Bold. This is the first time that RIM make a press conference to their products in Indonesian marketplace.

Blackberry Bold

This Blackberry have many features on it, supported by wide screen with 480×320 resolution, camera 2.0 MP with Digital Zoom 3x, Enhanced Flash, bluetooth, and many others.

With Blackberry Bold you can browse the internet faster, document editing, GPS and Map capabilities, Instant Messaging, Enhanced Video Player, Video Recording, and many other great features.

Canon EOS D50 Digital Camera

Canon launched their newest product, Canon EOS D50 Digital Camera, before Nikon announced D90. This is the next generation of 40D, and still have body like the previous one. But increased in quality until 15 MP.

Canon EOS D50

This digital camera have increased in resolution from the newest image processor Canon Cubic 4. Performance from this camera still good like the 40D. This camera also support UDMA, so burst buffer can do much process for JPG files.

There is also built-in sensor cleaning along with dust removal software. This camera sold for US $1.399, and if you interested getting more complete set, you have to add $200 for it.

Electrolux iBasket Washing Machine

Electrolux launched iBasket Washing Machine. If you’re tired to wash, you can just throw your clothes to this machine, and it will do the laundry for you. This washing machine will wash automatically after certain weights of clothes.

Electrolux iBasket

This machine also have Wi-Fi connection that enables you to control the washing activity from a far, and send the message to your computer when the washing activity was completed.

This futuristic washing machine was designed by Guopeng Liang from Tongji University in China for Electrolux 2008 Design Lab Championship. So, if you’re searching for modern washing machine, you can consider this one.. 🙂

Sanwa PFS-DT800W Digital Photo Frame

Sanwa just announced their newest product, Sanwa PFS-DT800W Digital Photo Frame. It’s a photo frame with 8″ display, for now just available in Japan. This gadget can showing your favourite photos on your home wall, and can play audio and video.

Sanwa Digital Photo Frame

This photo frame have 128 MB internal memory and you can add SD / MMC or Memory Stick to increase its capacity, speaker mono, navigation button for media, and a remote control.

Other features from this device are alarm clock, slide show ability, calendar and input for headphone. The price of this awesome photo frame is around $250.