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Perfect World Online Indonesia

Perfect World is an MMORPG developed by Beijing Perfect World. It’s already have the Malaysian version and International Version with English language. The Indonesian Version will launched the Beta Version around June 2008. You can visit the website at : http://perfectworld.web.id.

Perfect World Center on the flight, and have floating structures and surfaces. The game shifts from night to day, sunny and rainy season in a regular cycle, changing the view, each area with the time for realism.

There are many game features in PerfectWorld, such as Mount System, Personalized Clothing, Guild/Clan System, Crafting System, Marriage System, Horse Racing, Treasure Hunts, and Forest Hunts/Jungle Ruins.

There are three races on Perfectworld: Human, Wing Elves and Beast Kind. Human can become Fah Shih (Magician (MG)) specialize in fire, water, and earth magic spells and crafts, and Wu Xia (Warrior (WR)) Fastest sword, spear, fist, and axe wielders, warriors specialize in melee combat. Wing Elves can become Yu Mang (Elf Archer (EA)) utilize powerful and quick ranged attacks to their advantage. Combining powerful skills like fa shi and their long range can be fatal. They wield bow, crossbow, and sling; damage depends on agility, and Yu Ling (Elf Priest (EP)) specialize in buff and healing skills, wield metal elemental attacks and a ranged physical wing attack which make its attack skill both physical and magical. While Beast Kind can become Yao Shou (WereBeast(WB) (Gender limitation: male)) Are the best tankers in the game, and Yao Jing (WereFox (WF) (Gender limitation: female)) have the ability to cast powerful wood, water, and fire elemental attacks, some of which immobilize the enemy or lower the enemy’s physical defense.

World of Warcraft

Salah satu game online dari Blizzard yang benar-benar bagus dan bisa disejajarkan dengan FFXI-Online dari SquareEnix…berlatar belakang beberapa tahun setelah pertempuran di Warcraft III …
Di Indonesia bisa dimainkan melalui private server, diantaranya : StarCyber

Grafik : A+
Story : A-
Gameplay : A
Action : A-

World of Warcraft merupakan game MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Dengan Blizzard sbg pembuatnya tentunya membuat game ini menjadi salah satu game dengan rating teratas.

Grafik sangat-sangat bagus & detail, dengan dunia yang sangat luas… kita bisa berinteraksi dengan semua pemain sebagaimana layaknya game online. Karakter, quest, item, equipment, dll berjumlah sangat banyak dan dinamis, membuat game ini menjadi game yg ‘neverending’…

Final Fantasy – Last Order

Addon Movie from Final Fantasy – Advent Children, the story is start with Zack and Cloud quit from Shinra Company… the background is on Nibelheim, the characters are Cloud,Tifa,Zack dan Sephiroth. you can download it with bittorrent at : http://www.boxtorrents.com/details.php?id=128430

Graphic : B
Story : B-
Action : C+
Romance : C+

Final Fantasy – Advent Children

After waiting for a long time, finally it’s launched a few weeks ago, you can download it on :
or you can buy the DVD at your nearest store 🙂

Graphic : A++
Story : B-
Action : A+
Romance : C- (continue reading…)

Final Fantasy Advent Children

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children DVD will come to both America and Japan on September 14.
According to the latest issue of Shonen Jump magazine, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, a computer-animated movie that takes place in the world of Final Fantasy VII, will be hitting stores in both America and Japan on September 14.

The magazine announced that Advent Children will be released on DVD and made no mention of a PSP-friendly Universal Media Disc (UMD) format. A limited-edition package will be arriving on the same date. Details on what bonuses it will include haven’t been disclosed yet. In Japan, the normal edition DVD will be priced at 4,800 yen ($45).

source : GameSpot