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XL Internet Unlimited Prabayar

Paket Internet Unlimited Prabayar XL belum lama ini juga diluncurkan oleh Pro XL, mengiringi Telkom Flash dari Telkomsel dan IM2 Broom dari Indosat yang juga sudah menawarkan paket serupa dengan biaya Rp. 100.000 / bulan.

Kartu Perdana Layanan XL Internet Unlimited Prabayar merupakan layanan akses Internet berkecepatan tinggi yang bisa digunakan sepuasnya (unlimited) selama periode waktu tertentu (30 hari sejak diaktifkan), dengan memanfaatkan ketersediaan jaringan berteknologi GPRS-EDGE-3G-serta HSDPA dari XL. Dengan teknologi ini, memungkinkan pelanggan untuk melakukan akses internet dimana saja, kapan saja (anywhere, anytime).

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Firefox 3.1 Beta Released

If you often use Firefox, now Mozilla already released the newest version of Firefox, the Firefox 3.1 Beta. This newest update offers some interesting changes.

Firefox 3.1 Beta

In this update you will find the increased performance of Javascript, change the tab display with 3D, and user must use Geode extension for location record.

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e-Bullion Site Will Be Back or Down Forever

E-bullion is one of well known digital currency used for electronic transactions, like Paypal or Liberty Reserve. But since 5 August 2008 (almost 2 months until now), their site always said Undergoing Maintenance.


There are many news and issues about this, one said the founder and the owner was taken into the court, and the other said there’s another problem with the company.

Yesterday James Fayed, founder and owner of Goldfinger Coin & Bullion Sales and e-Bullion company appeared in court. The father of e-Bullion was charged with money laundering and illegal money transmitter operations, however James Fayed refused to plead guilty. A status conference was appointed on September 15.

The federal trial in that case is to be proceeded on September 30. So we can wait until the beginning of next month to know about this e-currency news.

Google Chrome – Next Generation Browser

Google has just launched their new product, Google Chrome (Beta). It’s the new browser launched by Google. If you like browsing the internet, you would use browser almost all the time, so you must use the best browser out there that suitable to you.

Google Chrome combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. This browser has many great features to use, you can try it yourself 🙂 , download it here : Google Chrome

The New Search Engine

If we are talking about search engine, you will have some popular search engine name in your mind. Nowadays search engine is very important to most people that using internet, because they can find what they want just by type the keyword they search.

Rank Noodle

Just now, when I’m browsing the internet, I found out one new search engine called RankNoodle.com. The searching system is quite good. When you Search for some keywords, you will find that the result will be divided in some fields. Besides showing the site results, you can also find related conversations for your keywords, related articles, related images and related videos.

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