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Venus – Fastest Processor From Fujitsu

Fujitsu just made the Fastest Processor in the world, named Venus. Intel seems to be malevolent, because Fujitsu has just created the world’s fastest processor.

The processor chip from fujitsu is 2.5 times faster than the Fastest Intel Chip. Called Venus, eight core processor is capable of 128 billion computing process per second.

Venus Fastest Processor

The Venus is manufactured using 45nm fabrication processor, and is capable of achieving 128GFLOPs performance. What’s more, it is also very much energy efficient with Fujitsu claiming it cuts down power consumption by one-third.

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Pentium 5

DETAILS HAVE EMERGED of the future design of Intel’s Tejas/Pentium V processor, and of how the chip firm will present it to the world.

The chip will sample internally at Intel in January 2004 and will take between four to six months to get to market. The Pentium 6 will follow a very similar schedule.

The Pentium V is likely to fly along at between 5GHz to 7GHz, have 2MB plus of level two cache, be built on a 90 nanometer process, and have a stackable design.

The processor we believe, sits in the LGA 775 pin socket, and above it is a very thin heatsink. But, according to sources close to the firm’s plans, another permeable heatsink can sit between this and another microprocessor module, giving a stackable design.

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