Toyota has issued a new concept for the car FT-EV II. Perhaps if we look at the interior, we expect to see a car that is modified by a lover of steam engines. A steering wheel is made not as usual. Without using the pedal, steering wheel controls the movement of the vehicle.

Toyota FT-EV II

But unfortunately this car is not designed for long journeys, which means that will be visible in the buildings or just large companies. Running on lithium-ion batteries, the vehicle is capable of taking passengers a distance of 90 kilometers on a single charge. Top speed is 100 km/h, which is just enough to stay in the slow lanes on the freeway.

The manufacturer did not release details about recharge time and motor size. The weight of the FT-EV II was also not released. The FT-EV, is just an electric version of the Toyota iQ, though to make room for the electric system they had to subtract 1.5 seats to store the lithium ion battery pack. Toyota says this vehicle confirms the company’s plans to bring a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) to the market by 2012.