Fujitsu just made the Fastest Processor in the world, named Venus. Intel seems to be malevolent, because Fujitsu has just created the world’s fastest processor.

The processor chip from fujitsu is 2.5 times faster than the Fastest Intel Chip. Called Venus, eight core processor is capable of 128 billion computing process per second.

Venus Fastest Processor

The Venus is manufactured using 45nm fabrication processor, and is capable of achieving 128GFLOPs performance. What’s more, it is also very much energy efficient with Fujitsu claiming it cuts down power consumption by one-third.

The system that Fujitsu showcased featured four Venus chips, offering a 512GFLOPs of computing power.

Venus is destined to be clustered in supercomputers when it eventually ships, not plugged into your next custom PC build.

Venus now houses eight dies in each chip compared to the previous four. Thanks to 45nm technology the new processor consumes only a third of the power of current competing chips.